Kapton machine

  • Product Detail
This equipment is mainly used to cover magnetic conductor by Kapton film with thermal bonding. Its product is universally used in high speed train and wind mill. It is compactly designed to meet requirement of long length production at stable quality.
1. High speed concentric spinner using cross winded spool or 2 layers tangential spinner
2. High precision control in overlapping
3. Electric constant tension in concentric taping head
4. IGBT induction oven, min starting speed at 0.1m/min, speed mode following production line speed, constant temperature control with feedback from laser thermal sensor
5. Electric radiant oven at 4.5 meters, pneumatic lifting and removing, max temperature at 500C, constant temperature detection by laser thermal sensor
6. Induction oven and radiant oven are installed in one frame, possible moving on motorize screw slide   
7. Servo driven caterpillar and optional ancillary caterpillar 
8. Servo winding and traversing takeup with tension and pitch accuracy control
9. Voltage tester inline