Covering visual detection system

  • Product Detail
System is used to make precise measurement on the overlapping, butt lapping gap, off set distance during the magnetic wire taping process. It applies advanced visual technology to diagnose the high speed photography at 0.025mm precision in covering production. Its precison and reliability fully meets the tough criteria by SIEMENS, ABB, etc with advantages below,
1. High precision: butt lapping gap 0.025mm, off set distance 0.025mm, overlapping 0.04mm
2. High AI: automatically trace the butt lapping and overlapping positin without human repeat adjustment.
3. Quick detection: support covering speed over 600RPM
4. Good stability: figure fluctation within 0.02mm in measuring the gap and overlapping
5. Easy setting: each camera requests only 3 setting figures, enjoying wide safety scope with few need to adjust. It has convenient operation human interface, which visualize the setting and reducing the operation difficulty, all setting can be finished in 10 mins. 
6. Reliable record: automatically generates the folder and saves the picture showing defects, offering diagnose mode offline, compiling the defects quantity, etc for management purpose.