Voltage and blister tester

  • Product Detail
This system is used to detect rectangular enamelled wire voltage and their surface particles including enamel lump, blister, impurity, bast during the realtime production.  
1. Voltage defect current ≥5uA
2. Voltage test tension at 350V, 500V, 750V, 1000V, 1500V, 2000V, 2500V, 3000V at +5% error
3. Particles grading levels ≥255, responding time 5+1ms
4. Metric counting suitable speed 0~999m/min, error +1m/km
5. Elastic rollers can automatically adjust sensor distance based on contact wire dimension
6. Can detect accurately the particles on four sides of the rectangular wire
7. Uses WIFI group connection for operation convenience, high reliability, high fault tolerance, effectively working in complicated industry interference environment
8. Uses HMI panel on each tester, and compuster software for group control